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Our air freight department has many years of experience in expediting all types of commodities and can fly your goods to any location quickly and cost effectively utilizing proven air carriers. One of our added value services is providing logistics, freight distribution and warehousing to both foreign and domestic companies. Our foreign accounts especially have found this to be a very cost effective and productive way to distribute their goods to local customers without having a physical presence here in the country.

Granite Slaps

Handle with care!

Who would trust themselves to horizontally lift a marble slab with holes for the sink and stove top? Liberty Express Shipping! Our transport equipment provides flexible options for storing and retrieving both unprocessed and processed slabs. To ensure that granite slabs are transported unscathed, the load handling attachment is to be equipped with up to 8 tines. These can be moved either individually or synchronously – this means that transport of even the most delicate slabs runs smoothly.


  • Safe transport of the delicate granite slabs
  • Robust load handling attachment
  • Drip-proof transport