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Our air freight department has many years of experience in expediting all types of commodities and can fly your goods to any location quickly and cost effectively utilizing proven air carriers. One of our added value services is providing logistics, freight distribution and warehousing to both foreign and domestic companies. Our foreign accounts especially have found this to be a very cost effective and productive way to distribute their goods to local customers without having a physical presence here in the country.


As flexible as plastic itself

A relatively new material that is continuously being developed and being used for new applications – there is hardly any substance more versatile and diverse than plastic. When it comes to storage, this means quickly changing, highly varied requirements and optimum levels of flexibility. In storage logistics, an all-rounder is required for the transport of items ranging from classic bulk goods such as plastic granules, to extrusion products such as pipes and slabs and to rolls of plastic film. Put your trust in the many years of experience in all transportation-related issues that Liberty Express Shipping has to offer.


  • Suitable for loads of all types and weight classes
  • Telescopic forks and stacker cranes for single, double and triple-layered storage
  • On request, can be supplied with acid-resistant surface protection or equipped for use in cleanroom applications
  • Goods transport on transfer equipment, vertical lifters or distribution trolleys